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Provincial training session March 29th, 2015


U14, U16, U18, U21, seniors, Masters

Address for training Session:

Hiro’s Judo Club
1919 27 Ave NE #115
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 7E4


0930am- 1130am Team Training Session Following the Rocky Mountain Tournament

Thank you

Laurie Wiltshire HP Judo Alberta Coach
Phone: 403-923-6358
E-mail: laurie@judoalberta.com .

13th Annual Female Camp and Sleepover

May 2nd and 3rd, 2015
Hosted by: Ryu Senshi Judo Society
Ecole Broxton Park School
505 Macleod Avenue
Spruce Grove, Alberta


Saturday May 2nd, 2015 Registration and welcome is from 11am-12pm, Pick-up time is 12pm on Sunday May 3rd.

Featured Instructors

Joliane Melancon:

Joliane started her judo career at the age of 10 years old. Joliane moved to Varennes, Quebec in 2004 to train with the National team. Melancon is one of the most decorated female judoka from Canada, she competed at the 2012 Olympic Games. 5x’s Pan Am Championship bronze medalist, 2011 Pan Am Games Bronze medalist, 11x World cup/ Grand Slam/Prix Medalist, and numerous international medals, and finished 9th at the World Championships of 2009 in Rotterdam. Joliane is also a 5x Senior National champion in the under 57kg division (2007-2011). Joliane recently retired from competition due to a career ending injury, since then she has finished her degree in Physical Education and started a new journey teaching health and fitness to Elementary aged children.

Laurie Wiltshire:

Wiltshire started her judo career at the Ni-ten Judo Club in Fort McMurray, AB. She received the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 2001 and later moved to Varennes, Quebec to attend the National Training Centre. In 2002 she won her first gold medal at the Canadian Junior National Championships, and has since won eight (8) straight gold medals in the -52kg women’s category at the Canadian Senior National Championships (2005 – 2012). Wiltshire currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th degree black belt). Laurie is also a veteran competitor on the International stage. In addition to the gold medal she won at the 2007 US Open, Wiltshire placed 5th at the World University Judo Championships in Suwon, South Korea (2006), 5th at the Summer Universiade in Bangkok, Thailand (2007), 5th at the Francophonie Games in Beirut, Lebanon (2009), 7th at the Pan American Judo Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico (April, 2011), and 5th at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico (October, 2011). Laurie retired from competition after her last Nationals in 2012, and is currently the High Performance coach for Judo Alberta.


1) $40 per participant (this will include food, lodging, activities and gift)
2) $25 per chaperone (If you are not a judoka but want to chaperone for the weekend)
3) Release form must be filled out and sent with payment
4) Payment due with release forms.
5) Friday night for competitors only 12 yrs. And up free of charge (no accommodations Friday night)

Please make cheques payable to Judo Alberta

There are no age or belt restrictions so long as you are a member in good standing with Judo Alberta or another provincial judo association. Judo techniques and strategies will be presented from a female perspective. As well, this is a great opportunity for girls to get to know each other and spend some time with other female athletes.

Registration Deadline:

Monday April 20th, 2015

Mail Release and payment to:

Laurie Wiltshire
929 39th street SW
Calgary, AB T3C-1V1

Please e-mail club registrations forms and any inquiries to: laurie@judoalberta.com .
Or call Laurie at: (403) 923-6358

For more information on the camp please click here .

Please click here to view the registration form.

Edmonton International Judo Championships – Results

Day # 1 is underway at the Edmonton International Judo Championships.

You can follow the weekend draws and results by clicking here .

Good luck to all Judoka!


Nate MacLellan
Executive Director – Judo Alberta

Edmonton International Judo Championship Update

Looks like the weather is going to be great for our event this coming weekend with a high Saturday now projected at 14C, That’s great for those travelling on the road Thursday or Friday and for those people who look forward to enjoying not only the tournament but Edmonton in general.

For those interested in Kata judging our seminar starts at 9 am with representatives from Judo Canada taking you through your paces until 4 pm at the Royal Executive Inn.

Don’t forget the Judo event Friday at 2 pm with Takahama Sensei of Japan teaching kids judo techniques on the tournament surface.

What a great place for Judoka to come get the travel dust off in a technical seminar by a highly regarded 8th Dan Japanese Judo Professional and a “totally cool place” to be practicing Judo for a couple of hours. If you could be there a few minute early on the mat and ready to go, that would be great, as we would like to be done by 4pm when the weigh-ins begin for the Saturday competitors. At this Technical Training Clinic, If the kids can learn one thing to carry with them during this, or future competitions, that will be great. If you are a coach and want to participate with Takahama Sensei, please feel free to come on the mats too. We all learn no matter how old we are or how long we have done Judo.

For those clubs interested in a one way or two way exchange opportunity with Japanese clubs, talking with Takahama Sensei after the Friday afternoon technical training or during the tournament timeline might be a good way to initiate future judo opportunities for you and your students in Japan. Hockey players come to Canada Judo Players go to Japan. . .

For those interested, our attendance is exceeding 700 at the time of writing so we are expecting an exciting and busy weekend of competition. We also have 30 people involved in the Kata competition so if you were on the fence about the kata we still have some opportunity there and Helen our Registrar, will sneak you in you want to give it a whirl in front of high quality judges and a crowd watching. She can be reached electronically at edmonton_international@yahoo.ca . , drop her a line and say “hi I want to try a kata competition!”

If pre event buzz is any indication we expect the Referring Seminar to be well attended Friday night as this ever changing sport requires constant information to all. Please ensure you are there early for this to get a seat!

If anyone needs any additional information or wants to double check any tournament information please see our website www.edmontonjudo.com for the package or email me!

Please click here to view the tournament participant list.

On behalf of the organizing committee, thank you, we look forward to seeing you Friday.

Yours in Judo,

Mark Hicks
Tournament Director
Edmonton International Judo Championship

p.s. we have free T-shirts for the competitors with a 10th anniversary memorable logo on it, I think you will like them and thanks again for coming to the 2015 10th edition of the Edmonton International.
As always, please do not hesitiate to pass this along electronically to people I might have missed.

Pacific International Judo Championships – Results

Congratulations to all Judoka who represented Judo Alberta at the Pacific International Judo Championships in Richmond, BC.
Here are the results from the weekend:


U18 Int M -81Kg
Stevie Williams – Hiro’s (1st)

U18 M -55Kg
David Wu – Tokugawa (1st)

U18 M -73kg
Dawson Mandel – Lethbridge (1st)

U21 Male
-73Kg Derrick Pienkowski – Lethbridge (1st)

Senior M -73
Dawson Mandel – Lethbridge (3rd)

Senior M -81 Kg
Tanner Sudo – Lethbridge (2nd)
Dean Coslovi – Lethbridge (3rd)


U18 F -48kg
Taeya Koliaska – Lethbridge (2nd)
Virginia Nemeth – Lethbridge (3rd)

U18 F -70kg
Kiera Trotter – Lethbridge(1st)

Senior F -48kg
Virginia Nemeth – Lethbridge (3rd)

Senior F -57kg
Alicia Briggs – Lethbridge (3rd)

Senior F -63kg
Hana Varsanyi – Lethbridge (2nd)

To view the U18, U21 & Intermediate Senior results please click here .
To view the U14, U16, Senior & Team results please click here .

Nage no Kata, Ju No Kata and Goshinjutsu Clinic April 11 – 12, 2015

The Lethbridge Kyodokan Judo Club is pleased to host this clinic with Kelly Palmer of Alberta’s Kata team, Gord Okamura and Kelly Palmer, 12 times Canadian National Judo Kata Champions. Kelly and Gord attended the joint IJF/Kodokan Kata Clinic in Malaga Spain in September 2014 and look forward to passing along the latest Kata information!

This clinic is not just for Black Belts – all Judoka can learn these Kata!


Saturday April 11, 2015
13:00 – 16:00 (Nage no Kata)
17:00 – 20:00 (Nage no Kata; Ju no Kata and Goshinjutsu)
Sunday April 12, 2015 9:00 – 12:00 (Nage no Kata; Ju no Kata and Goshinjutsu)

The Saturday evening and Sunday morning sessions will allow those that want to work on Nage no Kata to continue to do so; those that want to work on Ju no Kata or Goshinjutsu will work separately


Lethbridge Kyodokan Judo Club


$20.00 at door.
Nage no Kata – will focus on the first 3 sets, ideal for those getting their Nage no Kata ready for grading.
Goshinjutsu – please bring your wooden knife and sword. No metal weapons please. Some practice swords and knives will be available for sharing by those without their own. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Palmer at kellypal@telusplanet.net.

Pan Am Judo Championship Volunteer Accommodations

Dear Volunteers,

For the Pan Am Judo Championships the Travelodge Edmonton South Hotel has been reserved from April 23rd – 26th, 2015.

Reservation Code: CGJUDO
Please quote “Judo Canada Volunteers” upon arrival.

Rooms must be booked by March 24th, 2015 or they will be released to the public.

To book individual reservations, guest can call the Hotel at 780-436-9770 or they can send an email to whg7104s2@whg.com .

Please click here to view the group confirmation letter.

Travelodge Edmonton South
10320 45th Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6H 5K3

Canada Winter Games

Congratulations to all competitors who represented Judo Alberta at the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George, BC. Judo Alberta finished with a total of 8 medals! Here are the results:

Female Individuals:

-48kg Virginia Nemeth 3rd
-52kg Brette Polikiwski 2nd
-57kg Alexandra Gagnon 0-2
-63kg Hana Varsaniyi 1st
-70kg Keira Trotter 3rd
-78kg Jordan Landry 4th
O78kg Sarah Perks 3rd

Male Individuals:

-60kg Justin McEachern 2nd
-66kg Ian Ayasse 3rd
-73kg Dawson Mandel 5th
-81kg Chris Bailey 5th
-90kg Theo Lysyk 1-2

Team Competition:

Male team 1-1
Female Team 2nd Place

Elite Athlete Funding

The Judo Alberta coaching staffs has released the Elite Athlete funding application.
This application is for funding for Judo Alberta/ Judo Canada events that have taken or will take place between: January 2015- March 31st, 2015

*Priority funding: 1) Senior Athletes attending International Events 2)U21 Athletes attending International Events 3) U18 athletes attending International Events 3) Senior athletes attending Elite 8/ National Camp/ Pacific International 4) U21/U18 athletes attending Elite 8/ National Camp/ Pacific International*

The elite athlete funding is for athletes in age divisions U18, U21, and Senior that our travelling out of province for tournaments or training camps at a national or international level.

The Judo Alberta coaching staffs is allocating $6000.00 towards this part of the season for elite level athletes. The whole funds may or may not be completely used depending on the number of applicants and events.

Applying for this funding does not guarantee that funds will be issued to you. The coaching staff are looking for athletes that have shown dedication to their own judo training, tournament participation, and training camp participation. Also the coaching staff are looking for athletes that are planning for future goals in the sport. Please see a list of example tournaments that we will fund on the Elite athlete funding policy.

The coaching staff do want the athletes to have full support from their personal coach/ head sensei/club before applying for funds.

The deadline to apply for this round of funding is: March 31st, 2015

Elite Athlete Funding Application .

Please submit funding applications to Laurie Wiltshire: laurie@judoalberta.com .

Thank you
Judo Alberta Coaching Staff

Provincial Team Application Process for 2015

May 14th-17th, 2015 Competition

May 18th-20th, 2015 National Training Camp

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Itinerary for Team:

– Wednesday May 13th, 2015Team departs from Edmonton/Calgary
– Thursday May 14th Kata Competition/ Coaches meeting/ Team training/all U18 & U16 Females & Masters weigh-in
– Friday May 15th, 2015 U18, U16 Females, Masters Compete/ U21 & U16 Males weigh-in
– Saturday May 16th, 2015 U21 & U16 Males compete/ Seniors weigh in
– Sunday May 17th, 2015 Seniors compete/ Nationals Banquet
– Monday May 18th, 2015 athletes that are not staying for the camp depart in the morning. Athletes that stay for camp go to training
– Wednesday May 20th, 2015 Camp concludes and team departs for home May 20th evening or May 21st, 2015 in the morning (depending on flight availability).

Clubs to do list:

1) Fill in Provincial Entry form for every athlete applying for the provincial team (MUST INCLUDE E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR EACH ATHLETE)
2) Give athlete’s medical form and athlete code of conduct to fill out.
3) Fill out deposit checks to Judo Alberta $500.00 for each athlete.
4) Return excel spread sheet to Laurie Wiltshire by March 15th, 2015 at laurie@judoalberta.com and hand in all paperwork and deposit checks by Rocky Mountain competition March 28th, 2015
*If an athlete has not completed the minimum standard for the provincial team and you plan to appeal, please do not include that athletes deposit until final decision.*

– It is very important that each athlete has an e-mail address attached to the excel spread sheet because each athlete has to finish the CCES ethics module 2 weeks prior to competing at Nationals, Judo Canada sends the link for this course through e-mail to each athlete.
– Any athletes that have competed at Elite 8 or Canada Winter Games will not have to complete the module again.
– Please make sure each athlete is asked if they would like to stay for the National training camp after competition, and that part of the excel form is also complete.

Click here to view Provincial Entry Form .
Click here to view Code of Conduct Form .
Click here to view Medical Summary Form .

Thank you

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact Laurie Wiltshire at laurie@judoalberta.com .
or by phone: (403)923-6358

Laurie Wiltshire
HP Judo Alberta Coach

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