Member Benefits

Benefits of a Membership:


• Direct club communication including: email, weekly newsletter, phone, mail and website.
• A dedicated Executive Director, Provincial Coach and volunteer Board of Directors.
• Have a zone representative sit on the executive committee to bring up any concerns.
• Coverage through Judo Alberta’s sport accident liability insurance program.
• Access to program grants through the Alberta Sport Connection.
• Ability to host sanctioned Judo Alberta tournaments and events.
• Access to coaching development courses.


• Eligible to access the Athlete Assistance Program.
• Eligibility to access KidSport grants.
• Eligibility to compete in invitational and provincial compitions/programs.
• Funding support for athletes attending Western Championships, Canadian Championships and international competitions.
• Coverage through Judo Alberta’s sport accident insurance program.
• Access to sanctioned Judo Alberta competitions and camps.
• Access to an open line of communication to the Judo Alberta office.
• Access to receive email through Judo Alberta if requested upon registration.
• Membership with Judo Canada.
• Access to provincial coach.

Coaches and Officials:

• Access to Coaching, Referee and Judo Alberta courses/clinics.
• Access to subsidies for coaching and officiating courses, clinics, evaluations.
• Coverage through Judo Alberta’s accident and liability program.
• Access to Judo Alberta email and weekly newsletter if requested upon registration.

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