Past Olympic Team Members

Tom Greenway – September 28, 1956 – July 15, 2004

Tom Greenway, a two-time Judo Alberta Olympic team member, passed away suddenly on July 15, 2004 at the age of 47.

Tom enjoyed hiking, fishing and anything outdoors. However, it was his passion for Judo that kept him involved in the sport for nearly 35 years.

Tom’s judo career took him to all parts of the world, including Argentina, Holland, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Japan, Cuba, Germany and across Canada and the U.S.

Tom enrolled in Judo at the Lethbridge Judo Club with his father and four siblings.

Tom’s successes were many…

  • 1973:
    Whitehorse Cdn. Championships – National
    Toronto CNE Youth Championships – 3rd
    Edmonton Cdn Jnr Olympics – 1st
  • 1974:
    Toronto CNE Youth Championships – 1st
    Regina Cdn Championships National – 4th
    German Open – International
    Edmonton Prov. Championships 205lb – 1st
  • 1975:
    Edmonton Prov. Championships – Open– 1st
    Regina – Western Canada Games 205 lb – 1st
    Regina – Western Canada Games – Open – 1st
    Ottawa – Cdn Championships – 4th
    Montreal – Cdn Championships – 4th
    Montreal Open Weight Olympic Trials – 1st
  • 1976:
    Montreal Olympic Team member
    Lethbridge Canadian Championships – 1st
  • 1977:
    Stanford Conn. USA Youth Championships – 1st
    Kerkade Holland Dutch Open, Int. – 5th
  • 1978:
    Toronto Cdn Championships – 1st
    Argentina Pan Am Championships – 3rd
    Tokyo—Kano Cup – Intl, Top 8
    Pecs, Hungary Hungarian Cup
  • 1979:
    Czechoslovakia Cup European Tour – 1st
    Kerkade Holland, Dutch Open
    Quebec City Cdn Championships – 2nd
    Puerto Rico – Pan Am Games – 3rd
    Saskatoon Western Canada Games – 1st
    San Jose, Calif. US Open – 2nd
    Paris World Championships – Top 16
    Quebec City Canada Cup 95 kg – 3rd
    Quebec City Canada Cup Open – 4th
    Olympic Team member
  • 1980:
    Vancouver Cdn Championships – 2nd
    Hawaii Pacific Rim
    San Jose, Calif. US Open – 3rd
    Puerto Rico, Takahama Cup – 1st
    Isla Margarita, Venezuela Pan Am Champs – 1st
    Kerkade, Holland – Dutch Open – Top 10
    Hungarian Cup, 2nd
    Havana Cuba Rodriquez Cup, 2nd
    Edmonton -Provincial Championships, 1st
  • 1981:
    Tokyo, Japan International 7th
    Paris Tournoui de Paris, Top 10
    Prague, Czechoslavika Czech Open, 1st
    Budapest, Hungary Hungarian Cup, 4th
    Scottsdale, Arizona Desert Open, 1st
    Winnipeg, Canadian Championships 3rd
  • 1982:
    Oshawa, Canadian Championships 3rd
    Germany – German Open
    Calgary Western Canada Games, 1st
    St. John’s NFLD, Cdn Championships 3rd
  • 1983:
    Germany German Open, 3rd
    Lethbridge – Western Canada Open, 1st
    Lethbridge Provincial Championships, 1st
    Three Rivers Cdn Championships, 2nd
    Lethbridge Cdn Championships, 3rd
    Lethbridge Western Cdn Open, 1st
  • 1984:
    Lethbridge Provincial Championships, 1st
    Three Rivers Cdn Championships, 2nd
  • 1985:
    Toronto Ontario Open, 3rd
    Ft. McMurray Provincial Championships, 1st
  • 1986:
    Ft. McMurray Prov. Championships, Open, 1st
    Colorado Springs US Open, 7th
    Montreal, Quebec Open, 2nd
    Sherbrooke, Cdn Championships, 3rd
  • 1987:
    Lethbridge Western Canada Open, 1st
    Colorado Springs Pacific Rim, 4th
    Montreal Qeubec Open, 2nd
    Essen, Germany Pre Worlds
    Tacoma, WA Pacific Northwest Int, 95kg, 1st
    Tacoma, WA Pacific Northwest Int, Open, 1st
  • 1988:
    Tacoma, WA Pacific Northwest Int, 95kg, 1st
    Tacoma, WA Pacific Northwest Int, Open, 1st
    Montreal – First Olympic Trial, 1st
    Hamilton Cdn Championships, 1st
    Argentina Pan Am Championships, 3rd
    Leonding Austrian Open
    Lethbridge Western Canada Open, 1st
    Oshawa Ontario Open, 1st
    Vancouver Cdn Championships, 2nd
    Morocco, Francophone Games, 7th
  • 1989:
    Toronto, CNE Championships, 1st
    Toronto Ontario Open, 1st
    Colorado Springs US Open, 5th
    Auckland, NZ Commonwealth Games, 2nd
  • 1990:
    Calgary Provincial Championships, 95kg, 1st
    London British Open
    Jonquierre Quebec Cdn Championships, 1st
    Cuba Rodriquez Cup, 7th
    Caracas Venezuela Pan Am Championships, 2nd
  • 1991:
    Munich Germany German Open
    Budapest, Hungary Hungarian Cup
    Lethbridge, Prov. Champs, 95kg, 1st; Open 1st
    Lethbridge – Cdn Championships 95kg, 1st

“Tom really liked Judo…he did it very well but had to work very hard at it.”

Tom was the first Canadian to beat a Japanese Judoka.

Tom was the first Canadian to win a Gold cup in a European tournament (Czechoslovakia Cup).

In 2005 the Tom Greenway Scholarship Committee was established. The scholarship criteria was developed by Allan Greenway, Joe Meli, Dean Maruyama and Garry Yamashita. A $400 scholarship is awarded each June to Judo Alberta’s top ranked male and female athletes based on the most 1st place wins regardless of weight category for tournaments on the Judo Alberta point system which includes the Lethbridge Junior Tournament during the period June 1 through May 31 each year. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist young judoka to attend out of province tournaments in order to elevate their standard of Judo. Donations can be sent to the Judo Alberta office, payable to the “Tom Greenway Memorial Scholarship Fund”.

  • 2005 Winners – Nicole Tsukishima, Lethbridge Judo Club & Serge Zamotine, Tolide Judo Kwai, Fort Saskatchewan
  • 2006 Jade McLachlan, Tolide Judo Kwai, Fort Saskatchewan; Colbi Cattoni, Lethbridge Judo Club; Ben Noji, Lethbridge Judo Club
  • 2007 Winners – Meryl-Lyn Semograd, Hiros Judo Club & Genghis Barranda, Kodokwai Judo Club, Edmonton

Joe Meli

1972 Montreal, 1980 Moscow, 1984 Los Angeles, 1988 Seoul

“Judo is a wonderful sport that conditions your mind and your body. I feel very fortunate that my parents got me involved in a such a wonderful sport at a young age. Judo has been a very big part of my life to this day. I have made my friends throughout the world; friendships that I cherish to this day.”

Joe Meli was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta. Joe received his black belt at the age of 16 and is currently a sixth degree (Rokudan). He is married to Leslie and has two daughters Lindsay and Ashley. Joe was the only Canadian Judoka to be on four Olympic teams: Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles and Seoul.

Joe was Captain of the Lethbridge Native Sons Hockey Team that attended the Canadian Championships and the 1975 Canada Winter Games. Joe established the Joe Meli Judo Club in 1991 and currently owns and operates Meli Insurance Brokerage in Lethbridge.

  • 11 time Canadian Champion
  • 2 time Pacific Rim Medalist
  • 5 Time Pan Am Medalist
  • 1986 Commonwealth Games Silver Medal
  • 1996 – Inducted into Alberta Sports Hall of Fame for Judo
  • 12 time recipient of the Alberta Achievement Award
  • 1998 – Inducted into Judo Canada Hall of Fame
  • Member of Judo Alberta Grading Board – Since 1982
  • Member of Judo Alberta Technical Committee – 1994/95
  • Member of Judo Alberta Coaching Staff – 1994-1996
  • Member of Judo Canada Technical Committee – 1996 to current
  • Judo Canada Coach at 1989 US Open – Colorado
  • Judo Alberta Coach at 1990 Canadian Championships, Quebec
  • Chief Instructor at several weekend clinics and training camps
  • Certified Level II instructor
  • Provincial B Referee
  • Chief Instructor of Joe Meli Judo Club
  • Course Instructor Lethbridge Community College Judo 1 since 1999

Keith Morgan

1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing

He is originally from Calgary but spent over 20 years in Montreal training at the National Judo Centre while competing for Canada in 4 consecutive Olympic games in the sport of Judo. He was one of Canada’s most successful Judo athletes and was inducted into the Alberta Sport Hall of Fame in 2015. While in Montreal, he also completed his undergraduate degree at McGill University in Anatomy and Cell Biology. He graduated from Ross University School of Medicine with highest honors before returning to Canada to complete residency. He currently lives in Ottawa with his wife and 3 children.

  • 5th Place 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney
  • 5th Place 2003 World Judo Championships, Osaka
  • 7th Place 2001 World Judo Championships, Munich
  • 7th Place 1999 World Judo Championships, Manchester
  • 1st Place 1999 World University Championships, Palma de Mallorca
  • 1st Place 1995  Pan-Am Games, Mar de Plata
  • 2nd Place 2002 Commonwealth Games, Manchester
  • 2 x Pan-American Champion 2000, Orlando & 2004 Miami
  • 6 x Grand Slam Medalist
  • Over 30 International Medals
  • 7 x Canadian Champion

Colin Morgan

1996 Atlanta,

He is originally from Calgary and he spent over 5 years in Montreal training at the National Judo Centre while competing for Canada.  He returned to Calgary in 1997 to work for the Calgary Police department where he continues to work with them today.

  • 2 x Canadian World Team Member
  • 1993 National Champion, Hamilton
  • 3rd Place 1996 Tre-Torri, Italy
  • 3rd Place 1996 Sofia World Cup, Sofia
  • 3rd Place 1995 Pan-Am Games, Mar de Plata
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