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Ewan Beaton:


Ewan Beaton is a former national team member who represented Canada at two Olympic Games (1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta) He was a Pan-American Games Champion, he finished top 10 at the 1993 World Championships & 1992 Olympic Games and won over 20 international medals in his career. Ewan Beaton is a member of the Judo Canada Hall of Fame and Judo Manitoba Hall of Fame as an athletes. As a coach he has worked as a provincial coach in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. He worked as the Judo Canada Coach Coordinator during the early 2000s and attend the 2004 Olympic Games as a Canadian Coach. Currently Ewan Beaton is the provincial coach for Judo Alberta and runs a Judo Canada Regional Training Center in Lethbridge, Alberta. 

Ippon Check List

Check out this great Ippon Check List Poster developed by Koka Kids. Ippons can happen by chance or by a well developed plan. It is important that judoka develop a plan or system of judo that will allow themselves to score ippon’s more often during randori and competition. This is a great poster that outlines some of the basics needed to be more consistent when practicing your judo.

Athletes and Eating Disorders 

Judo is a weight controlled sport and unfortunately this makes it a sport where eating disorders can occur more often than in other sports. It is important to talk with your athletes and parents to ensure that the goal of being a good judoka is improving at judo. Athletes should be focusing on becoming more skillful at judo rather than focusing on making weight. Many athletes are focusing on making their weight division and because of that they are improving at a slower rate because all of their energy is being used to make weight. The focus of a judoka is to become better at judo. If you are a good judoka, you will be a good judoka no matter what weight division you compete in! The key is to keep the athletes healthy and improving in judo, FOCUS ON THE JUDO! Check out this small poster that supplies a breakdown of what you need to be looking for in athletes that might have an eating disorder.

If you know of an athlete that might need help encourage them to talk to their doctor and/or a sport nutritionist. It is important to have them working with professionals that can help them bring balance to their lives.

Ewan Beaton
Judo Alberta HP Coach

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