How To Become A Member

What our membership does for you:

If you are a resident of Alberta you are eligible to become a member of Judo Alberta.
Our membership is built of individual members, referees and clubs throughout the province. Judo Alberta provides its members with quality training at all levels including recreational, fitness, and high performance. Your membership gives you the ability grow through sanctioned grading’s as well as compete in sanction events throughout the province.

How to become a member:

If you are interested in becoming a member of Judo Alberta please take a look at our list of clubs
near you. If you require more information please contact the Judo Alberta office.

2020-2021 Membership Information

The 2020-2021 Judo Alberta Registration Information is now available!

Please note that at this time Judo Alberta will not be hosting any events/competitions until further notice. Clubs are allowed to re-open and train but must be in compliance with the Judo Alberta Return to Play Guidelines.

REGISTRATIONS – Club and Member Registration link

Trackie registrations can be done by a Club Registrar or by individual club members.  Clubs are responsible for all members who are registered and will be invoiced accordingly at the end of each month.  Clubs will receive an invoice for the past month registrations.

Any questions or concerns, contact or

Judo Canada registration/accident insurance expires August 31 each year.  Judo Alberta and Judo Canada registration fees are non-refundable once entered into Trackie.


Online registration must be completed before members are properly registered and in good standing with Judo Alberta and Judo Canada.  Unregistered members will not be allowed to participate in any Judo Alberta/Judo Canada or any international events.

CLUB INFORMATION – To be completed and submitted to the Registrar ( and Judo Alberta ( to keep Club information up to date.  All Judo Alberta clubs are required to have their members sign a liability waiver.  For the safety of each club, be sure to have current members sign a waiver and ensure any new members thereafter also sign a waiver.  If you have any questions or need assistance creating a waiver, please contact the Judo Alberta office.

MEMBER INFORMATION – Each member can complete this form to assist the Club in completing Judo Canada’s online registration.  DO NOT send this form to the Registrar or Judo Alberta offices; it is strictly for club use.

Encourage members who are First Nations, Metis, Inuit or have a disability to indicate this on their form or on-line registration.  This information can assist in funding and programs.

PIPEDA & CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT – Each club member should complete this document.  The original is kept by the Club with access by Judo Alberta should the need arise.  A PIPEDA Agreement for members does not need to be completed each year; just once for as long as they are a member.  Judo Alberta only needs to be provided with a copy of the Exclusion List.

The Confidentiality Agreement needs to be completed by all club members who have access to personal information within the club structure. This would include the coaches and registrar, as well as any board members who have access to private contact or medical information. Time should be taken by the registrar and/or head coach to reinforce the importance of maintaining the privacy of all athletes, volunteers and coaches.

PROMOTIONS— Promotion form is to be filled out completely including a qualified Examiner/Sponsor.  Both this form and payment need to be received before Promotions will be registered and processed.  All Promotions must be registered with Judo Alberta; unregistered promotions could cause delays (ie.  Shodan grading, tournament registrations, Nationals, Alberta Winter Games, Canada Winter Games, etc.)

Thank you,

Judo Alberta

Introduction to Judo Program

Judo Alberta Junior Member Waiver Form
Judo Alberta Senior Member Waiver Form

Sanction Forms:
Tournament Surcharge Form
Sanction Application Form

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