Judo Alberta Resources

A Guide to Competition Weigh-Ins
A Guide to Competition Weigh-Ins Poster
What is Harassment? – Poster 

Governing Federations

Judo Canada – Governing body of judo in Canada
International Judo Federation – Governing body of judo worldwide
United States Judo Federation – Governing body of judo in the United States
Kodokan Judo Institute

Provincial Judo Organizations

Judo BC – Judo BC’s official website
Judo Saskatchewan – Judo Saskatchewan’s official website
Judo Manitoba – Judo Manitoba’s official website
Judo Ontario – Judo Ontario’s official website
Judo Quebec – Judo Quebec’s official website
Judo New Brunswick – Judo NB’s official website
Judo Nova Scotia – Judo Nova Scotia’s official website
Judo PEI – Judo PEI’s official website
Judo Newfoundland & Labrador – Judo Newfoundland & Labrador’s official website
Judo Yukon – Judo Yukon’s official website

Other Links

Alberta Sports, Parks, Recreation & Wildlife Foundation
Coaching Association of Canada
KidSport Alberta – Supports children who need financial assistance with
sport registration fees and equipment costs.

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