Policies & Procedures

1-00 List of Judo Alberta Policies
1-01 Harassment Policy
1-02 Judo Alberta Committee Budgets
1-03 Future Fund Policy
1-04 Investment Policy
1-05 Dispute Resolution Policy
1-06 Volunteers and Members with Criminal Records
1-07 Logo Policy
1-08 Company Vehicle Policy
1-09 Guidelines For Judo Alberta Life Memberships
1-10 Conflict of Interest Policy
1-11 Dojo Use Policy 
1-12 Communications Policy 
1-13 Registration Policy
1-14 Social Media Policy
2-01 Medical Personnel at Competition
2-02 Guidelines for grading Mudansha
2-03 Rules for Operating a Tournament
2-04 Club Sponsorship by Voting Members
2-05 Tournament Sanction Policy
2-06 Promotion Policy
2-07 Remote Weigh-In Policy
2-08 Judo Alberta 5% Weight Limit Rule
3-01 Coaches Member Qualification
3-02 Team Selection Policy for National Championships
3-03 Code of Conduct Provincial Judo Team
3-04 International Selection Policy
3-05 Elite athlete funding Policy
3-06 CWG Athlete Selection Criteria
3-07 CWG Coach Selection Criteria
3-08 Appeal Process for CWG Selection
3-09 WCSG Selection Policy
3-10 Selection Policy and Funding Criteria for Elite National Championships
3-11 Selection Policy and Funding Criteria for Open Ne-Waza and Veterans Competition
4-01 Referee Committee Membership
4-02 Duties of Referee Committee
4-04 Duties of the Chief Referee of a Tournament
4-05 Referee Evaluations and Promotions
4-06 Code of Conduct for Referees
4-07 Referee Activity Levels
5-01 Grading Committee Policy
5-02 Kata Team Selections for National championships
6-01 Requirements for Operating a Club
7-02 President JD
7-03 VP Finance JD
7-04 VP Administration JD
7-05 Treasurer JD
7-06 Secretary JD
7-07 Registrar JD
7-08 Athlete's Representative JD
7-09 Women's Representative JD
11-01 Appointment of Zone Representatives to the Regional council

Judo Canada Policies

Concussion Protocol 2018
Policy on Transgender Athletes
Rule of Two Policy 
Practicing Judo Safely

Judoka With A Disability

Coaching Tips for VI Judo
Judo Canada Visual Impairment Flyer
Blind Judo Promotion
Blind Judo Coach Education
A Guide to Visual Impaired Judo

Deaf Athletes

LTAD for Deaf Athletes
NEW Judo for Deaf Guidelines

Respect In Sport


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