Women’s Committee

Women’s Committee: (Female Membership = 389)

  • Tammy Thornton (Chair)
  • Laurie Wiltshire
  • Jennifer Parker

18th Annual Female Training Camp and Sleepover – April 25-26, 2020


Marti Malloy Achievements:

  • 2010 – Pan American Championships – Silver
  • 2011 – Pan American Championships – Silver
  • 2012 – Paris Grand Slam – Bronze
  • 2012 – London Olympics – Bronze
  • 2013 – World Championships – Silver
  • 2013 – Tokyo Grand Slam – Silver
  • 2014 – Pan American Championships – Gold
  • 2015 – Pan American Championships – Gold
  • 2015 – Pan American Games – Gold
  • 2016 – Pan American Championships – Gold
  • 2017 – Pan American Championships – Bronze

Registration Link: https://www.trackie.com/online-registration/event/judo-alberta-girls-camp/38318/#.XjDwgmhKjIU

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2019 Judo Alberta Female Training Camp and Sleepover

Thank you to the Rodrigo Resende Judo Club, Erin Morgan and all of the volunteers that helped make the 2019 Judo Alberta Female Training Camp a success!




Upcoming Women’s Committee Events

  • More information coming soon!


Laurie Wiltshire – Judo Alberta Assistant Coach

Wiltshire started her judo career at the Ni-ten Judo Club in Fort McMurray, AB. She received the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 2001 and later moved to Varennes, Quebec to attend the National Training Centre. In 2002 she won her first gold medal at the Canadian Junior National Championships, and has since won eight (8) straight gold medals in the -52kg women’s category at the Canadian Senior National Championships (2005 – 2012). Wiltshire currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th degree black belt). Laurie is also a veteran competitor on the International stage. In addition to the gold medal she won at the 2007 US Open, Wiltshire placed 5th at the World University Judo Championships in Suwon, South Korea (2006), 5th at the Summer Universiade in Bangkok, Thailand (2007), 5th at the Francophonie Games in Beirut, Lebanon (2009), 7th at the Pan American Judo Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico (April, 2011), and 5th at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico (October, 2011). Laurie retired from competition after her last Nationals in 2012, and is currently the High Performance coach for Judo Alberta.

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