2024 Judo Alberta US Open Tour

Subject:    Judo Alberta 2024 US Open Tour   

From:        Provincial Coach Staff / Judo Alberta Coach Committee

Date:         March 04, 2024

Hello everyone,

Judo Alberta plans to a take team to the 2024 Junior US Open in Fort Lauderdale.

Minimum Eligibility: U16/U18/U21/SR Provincial Team Member

Judo Alberta HP Coach Committee will consider other Judo Alberta judoka who do not meet the above minimum criteria on a case-by-case request.

Main Competition Hotel: Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale – free breakfast and evening refreshment/snacks included (12-15 min walk to the competition site)

Junior US Open & 1 Day Camp:

Departure Wednesday, July 24, 2024 / Return Tuesday, July 30, 2024

Approx. Hard Cost: $1,500 to $1,800.00; Flight / Hotel / Ground Transport / Travel insurance (TBF)

Competition Entry Fee & Camp Fees will vary based on the number of divisions athletes are competing in. ($110.00USD Per Division / Camp $70.00USD) Paid by athletes. (TBF)

Judo Alberta Event Sign-up Deadline: Monday April 22, 2024  

Judo Clubs will be asked to submit the names of those who are interested in. Personal coaches are welcome. Please fill out the spreadsheet attached to this email / message.

Name: As Written on their Canadian Passport, example Ewan M. Beaton

Birthdate: Written, example 13 / July / 1969

Note: $1,000.00 deposit per athlete will be invoiced to the club following the April 22, 2024 deadline.

Please contact Ewan Beaton for more details: ewan@judoalberta.com