2015 Elite 8 National Championship Results

Congratulations to all Judokas who represented Judo Alberta this past weekend at the 2015 Elite 8 National Championships held in Montreal, QB.
Here are the results from the competition:

Under 18

-w48kg Taeya Koliaska (3rd)
-w48kg Virginia Nemeth (2nd)
-w52kg Brette Poliakiwski (2nd)
-m55kg Ty Nakano (2nd)
-w57kg Alexandra Gagnon (7th)
-w57kg Jordyn Pedersen (5th)
-w63kg Hana Varsanyi (1st)
-w70kg Keira Trotter (2nd)
-m73kg Dawson Mandel (3rd)
-m81kg Tanner Sudo (1st)
-wo70kg Sarah Perks (2nd)

Over 18

-w48kg Erin Morgan (2nd)
-w52kg Brette Poliakiwski (5th)
-m60kg Darren Elcock (2nd)
-w63kg Hana Varsanyi (5th)
-m81kg Brayden Grenier (5th)
-m81kg Tanner Sudo (7th)
-m90kg Robert Edward (3rd)

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