Technical Stream Yudansha Grading Notice

Hello Judo Alberta Members,

The Judo Alberta Grading Committee is pleased to announce that a Yudansha Grading for technical stream judoka is scheduled for Saturday September 25th, 2021 starting at 10 am at the Lethbridge Kyodokan Judo Club (2775 28 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB).

All Judoka that are recommended by their Sensei must get their Grading Forms to Judo Canada for approval no later than September 14th, 2021.

Technical stream candidates will be evaluated in accordance with the 2021 National Grading Syllabus. All candidates must demonstrate the nage waza and katame waza as well as perform their kata at the Grading.

In order to provide time to prepare for the September Grading, a clinic will be held simultaneously during the Competitive Stream Yudansha grading on July 17 in Lethbridge. This clinic will cover the basics of Katame no kata, Kime no Kata or Kodokan Goshin Jutsu; but is not for grading purposes. Technical stream candidates are asked to email Gord Okamura at by July 5th, stating whether you would attend the July 17th session and which of the three kata you would like to see. It is possible that two kata will be presented, based on the feedback. An update will be sent out once the selection is finalized.

To Yudansha Grading Candidates, in addition to Katame no kata, Kime no kata or Goshin Jutsu, you can attend the Nage-no-kata clinic on the 17th. Kata may also be offered on July 18 morning if interest is expressed. Please email your kata preference to Gord Okamura at by July 5th. Thank you. (Amended June 30, 2021)

If you attend the nage no kata clinic on July 17, it will be for training but not for grading purposes. Start time is 9am. Technical stream candidates will perform their kata at the Grading on September 25.

Details regarding the other kata for July 17 will be provided shortly.

Thank you,

Joe Meli – AGB Chair