Judo Alberta Winter Provincial Training Camp, February 24-25, 2024

Address for training camp: Tolide Judo Kwai

Dow Centennial Centre, 84 St. & 87 Ave. Fort Saskatchewan

Saturday February 24, 2024

1:00PM to 3:00PM Ne-waza, Transition, Technical & Randori

5:00PM to 7:00PM Tachi-waza , Kumi-kata & Randori

Sunday February 25, 2024

8:30AM to 9:30AM Judo Fitness & Uchi-komi

10:00AM to 11:45AM Technical, Drilling & Randori  

Trackie Site: Deadline February 21, 2024



  • Judo Alberta / Judo Canada Member
  • U14 Orange – Club Coach Needs to Attend
  • U14 / U16 / U18 / U21 / Senior / Veterans – Green & Above

IMPORTANT: Healthy Dojo

  • Do not attend judo training if you have any flu like symptoms.
  • Clean hands – wash many times during the day and sanitize entering/leaving the dojo.
  • Wash your judogi and workout clothes following judo practice, shower after practice.
  • Use your own water bottle.

* Schedule subject to change based on the number of participants 

Ewan Beaton HP Judo Alberta Coach                      

Phone: 403-892-6099             E-mail: ewan@judoalberta.com