Introduction to Nage no Kata Clinic

Nage no Kata (Forms of Throwing) is the first Kata most Judoka learn. It can improve your throws, movement and help your Judo. This clinic is for those who have never done Nage no Kata before, or have learned some but want to brush up. We will introduce you to the key points and some of the throws, and start you on your Kata journey!

Kata competitions are also held in the province and around the world – at the Canadian Nationals there will be a U16 Nage no Kata division.

Judo Alberta is pleased to host this clinic with Kelly Palmer (Sixth Dan) and Wesley Enns (Fourth Dan), Canadian Kata Champions and World Kata Competitors

This clinic is for everyone ages 12 and up, Orange Belt and higher.

Time: Sunday January 21, 2024 from 9:00 am– 1:00 pm

Location: Ishi Yama Judo Club 240 90 Ave SE, Calgary

Registration Link: No Fee – register on Trackie at     

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Palmer at