Edmonton Area Kata

Nage no kata / Grading Preparation Sessions

Purpose: To provide assistance to anyone interested in getting ready for the
December Black Belt Grading. The focus audience is Shodan and Nidan
candidates but instructors or any interested in nage no kata or gradings
are invited.

When: Tuesdays from starting from October 3 to October 24 at 6:30-8:30pm.
Each session will build on the previous one.
Where: Tokugawa Dojo, 9647-62 Avenue, Edmonton

i. Explanation of grading process
ii. Basics of Nage no kata (3 and 5 sets)
iii. Suggestions on demonstrating waza
iv. Judo knowledge information
If less time is needed over the four weeks, then we can move to
other katas. These sessions would be informal (not for points).

Presented by: Gord Okamura, National Kata Coach and Provincial Grading Committee member

Contact: Gord Okamura email address: gyokamura@gmail.com

Sunday Kata

Join the Tolide Judo Kwai in Fort Saskatchewan every Sunday from 3:00-4:30pm for a devoted Kata practice, with several knowledgeable and champion Kata practitioners there to assist.