Congratulations Judo Alberta Grading Candidates

On July 17th, Judo Alberta hosted the first Competitive Stream Dan Grading at the Lethbridge Judo Club.  Gord Okamura and Garry Yamashita conducted the Nage-no-kata and Waza clinics, while Kelly Palmer and Wesley Enns led the Katame-no-kata and Kime-no-kata clinics.  During the Waza clinic, all candidates were asked to demonstrate and give a brief explanation of how they execute their favourite techniques (both tachi-waza and ne-waza) and then everyone had the opportunity to practice the movements.  A total of 29 participants took part in the kata clinics, including the Competitive Stream candidates.

The Judo Alberta Provincial Grading Board would like to announce the following promotions and express our congratulations to all the candidates! 


Aidan Lazenby – Lethbridge Judo Club

Alexander Wu – Tokugawa Judo Club

Anna Prus-Czarnecka – Kodokwai Judo Club

Brynn Iwaasa – Lethbridge Judo Club

Davis Johnston – Kodokwai Judo Club

Evelyn Beaton – Lethbridge Judo Club

Greta Goasdoue-Wallace – Hiro’s Judo Club

Seth Norbert – Kodokwai Judo Club

Shion Crook – Hiro’s Judo Club

Teyana Roberts – Airdrie Judo Club


Alex Gagnon – Tolide Judo Club

Taeya Koliaska – Lethbridge Judo Club


Rashad Chin – Kodokwai Judo Club  

On July 18th Gord Okamura and Garry Yamashita also conducted a Goshin Jutsu clinic for the general membership. 

Reminder: The next Technical Stream grading will take place on September 25, 2021 at the Lethbridge Judo Club.  All judoka wishing to be graded must have approval from their club sensei and get their online grading application submitted to Judo Canada by September 14, 2021.  To avoid any delays or disappointment, please ensure you meet the grading requirements by reviewing the 2021 National Grading Syllabus posted on the Judo Canada website.