Canadian Women & Sport Shares Progress of Alberta Same Game Challenge Organizations

Posted by Canadian Women & Sport

Canadian Women & Sport is pleased to recognize the ten Alberta sport and recreation organizations that have been selected to join the Alberta Same Game Challenge.

The Same Game Challenge helps sport and physical activity organizations to gain a better understanding of how to engage women and girls in their sport, and to find opportunities to improve their organization and programming for everyone involved by the Same Game Online Toolkit. With one-on-one support from local leadership, Alberta is one of the first provinces in Canada to actively support sport and physical activity organizations in the implementation of Same Game. 

Participating organizations include: 

The Alberta Same Game Challenge began in January 2021 and will continue through to July 2021 providing participating organizations with opportunities such as: coaching and mentorship, professional development, financial support and knowledge and competency to better understand how to engage women and girls in sport. 

A few months into the programming, Miles Kydd, Executive Director of Alberta Sport Development Centre – Central Alberta, reflects on the progress their organization has had thus far. “Our involvement in the Same Game Challenge project has provided our organization the opportunity to assess and reflect upon our approach to gender equity and provided us significant insight as to how we can serve as change agents for our community. We believe quite strongly that working our way through the Same Game Toolkit will change and improve ASDC-Central as a community service organization and business.” 

“Being involved in the Same Game Challenge has been a tremendous experience for our club as we embark on a journey to promote diversity and inclusion,” says Raine Paul, Head Coach Edmonton Tsunami Water Polo Club. “Through the Same Game Challenge, our organization has been given the resources, support and guidance to implement meaningful change at our club. There is power in community and collaboration which is an invaluable opportunity the Same Game Challenge has given us as we network and share best practices with our Alberta sports community.” 

“Same Game has given the Caltaf Athletic Association the tools and support to focus on and improve gender equity in our organization. The Same Game Toolkit has been invaluable in providing a road map to success and the support has given us a safe space to learn and grow. This has been a fabulous process and has already created sustainable change in our organization.” Paula Mackenzie, Executive Director Caltaf.

The Alberta Same Game Challenge will conclude in Fall 2021 when participating organizations will have the opportunity to share their learnings and successes of the program.  

Interested in bringing your organization’s Gender Equity vision to life? Same Game Toolkit will walk you through a systematic process for embedding gender equity into your organization – from creating your vision, to implementing initiatives, to reflecting and revising what you have done, and all the steps in between. 

Same Game Challenge Alberta has been made possible with funding from Makadiff Sports.