2015 Canadian Judo Championship Results

Congratulations to all Judoka who competed at the 2015 Canadian Judo Championships in Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu, QB!

Here are the results from team Alberta:

Day 1 Thursday May 14th:

– Gordon Okamura and Kelly Palmer took 3 gold medals in Kata (Katame no kata, Goshin Jutsu, and Ju no Kata)

Day 2 Friday May 15th

– Rashad Chin Masters M1/M2 -66kg Gold
– Tim Takahashi Masters M3/M4 -66kg Gold
– Ashley McLeod U16Female -52kg Bronze
– T’Kiya Farn U16Female 070kg 5th place
– Talani Iwaasa U16Female O70kg 5th place
– Virginia Nemeth U18 Female -48kg Gold
– Taeya Koliaska U18 Female -48kg Silver
– Alexandra Gagnon U18 Female -57kg 5th place
– Keira Trotter U18 Female -70kg Gold
– Sarah Perks U18 Female o70kg Gold
– Ty Nakano U18 Male -60kg 5th place

Day 3 Saturday May 16th

– Joel Demeare U16 Males -55kg 5th place
– David Wu U16 Male -60kg Gold
– Christian Hill U16 Male -60kg Silver
– Adam Thomson U16 Male -66kg Bronze
– Atlas Blanchette Van Oploo U16 Male -66kg 5th place
– Virginia Nemeth U21 Female -48kg Silver
– Taeya Koliaska U21 Female -48kg Bronze
– Brette Poliakiwski U21 Female -57kg 5th place
– Hana Varsanyi U21 Female -63kg Bronze
– Keira Trotter U21 Female -70kg Bronze
– Sarah Perks U21 Female -78kg Bronze
– Justin McEachern U21 Male -60kg Bronze
– Darren Elcock U21 Male -60kg 5TH place (Withdrew due to injury)
– Tanner Sudo U21 Male -81kg Bronze

Day 4 Sunday May 17th

– Erin Morgan Senior Female -48kg Gold
– Alicia Briggs Senior Female -57kg Silver
– Brette Polialiwski Senior Female -57kg 5th place
– Rashad Chin Senior Male -60kg Silver
– Kevin Tamikado Senior Male -66kg 5th place
– Tanner Sudo Senior Male -81kg 5th place
– Brayden Grenier Male -81kg 5th place

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