2025 Provincial Championships Bid

Judo Alberta is now accepting bids for the 2024 Provincial Championships to be hosted the weekend of March 29th, 2025. If you are interested in hosting, please provide the following information to the Judo Alberta office via email, c/o Caleb Boorse, Executive Director, judo@judoalberta.comno later than Sunday July 21, 2024. Potential sites will be evaluated on the following general criteria:

  1. Club information
  2. Contact Information
  3. Venue information
    1. Must have room for a minimum of 3 mat areas plus a warmup area if the competition is held over 1 day.
    2. Must have room for minimum of 2 mat areas plus a warmup area if the competition is held over 2 days.
  4. Seating capacity for 200+ people.
  5. Number of people available to volunteer and assist in running event.
  6. A list of previous events that your club has hosted.
  7. A list of possible 1- or 2-day event dates for hosting during the last weekend of March, plus or minus 1 weekend.
  8. Potential host hotel information
  9. Declare if there will be any optional souvenir items for participants (T-shirt, water bottle, etc.)
  10. Any additional information that might be helpful for the Executive Committee to make an informed decision.

Please review the full bid policy and requirements here