2024 June Yudansha Grading

Date: Saturday June 1, 2024
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Tokugawa Judo Club – 9647 62 Ave NW, Edmonton

  1. All candidates for Competitive and Technical stream must enter their application into the on-line system https://judocanada.org/grading/ no LATER than April 23, 2024.
  2. Refer to the Judo Alberta website https://judoalberta.com/index.php/grading-kata/ for information about black belt grading and the National Grading Syllabus.
  3. Candidates should obtain their head instructor’s approval before making the application. Both have a responsibility to ensure the information entered is accurate and verified.
  4. Shodan candidates have the responsibility of ensuring their ikkyu (brown belt) registration date agrees with the Judo Alberta registrar’s records (as evidenced by the Judo Alberta Certificate of Promotion). Contact the Judo Alberta Registrar if any questions.
  5. All candidates must have a Judo Canada passport and bring it to the grading. If you need to order a passport, then go to https://judocanada.org/judo-canada-passport/
  6. Tournament Point Certification forms (signed by the Tournament Director) will no longer be used for verifying tournament wins. However, official draw sheets from the tournament or certification by the head sensei must be emailed to the Provincial Grading Committee at gyokamura@gmail.com once the application has been made. See
    Tournament Results https://judocanada.tv/resultatsresults/
  7. No electronic recording during any Yudansha grading session. However, grading sessions are open to the public.