2019 Judo Alberta Coaches Retreat

Date: September 07-08, 2019

Location: Tolide Judo Club, Fort Saskatchewan

Guest Presenter: Jimmy Pedro, 2 x Olympic Medallist, 3 x World Medallist, 2012/2016 USA Olympic coach

Cost: Free for all coaches in Alberta who are members in good standing / Out of province coaches cheques$125.00 payable to Judo Alberta

Register for the 2019 Judo Alberta Coach Retreat: Deadline August 31, 2019

Judo Alberta Free Hotel: Please indicate if you will need a hotel for the coach retreat
(Double occupancy Saturday Night Only) Please contact

2 hotel rooms Lethbridge
2 hotel rooms Hiros
1 hotel  room Ishi-yama
1 hotel  room Airdrie
1 hotel  room Barracuda
1 hotel  room Medicine Hat
1 hotel  room Raymond
1 hotel  room Red Deer
1 hotel  room Grand Prairie
1 hotel  room Fort McMurray

Note: There is possibility of additional Judo Alberta clubs to be added to the free hotel list if your judo club is not on the list. Judo Alberta will mix and match rooms for coaches/clubs if needed to ensure the maximum participation. If your club will need to have additional rooms for your club please let me know and I can book these rooms for you but the club will be responsible for the cost of the room. ($95.40+tax per room)



Edmonton, May 19, 2019 – Sunday was the third and last day of the Canadian Open Judo Championships in Edmonton, Alberta. The Butterdome of the University of Alberta saw the senior athletes battle it out to win the remaining national titles.

This year’s edition saw numerous young athletes having success in an older category, like Isabelle Harris (-63 kg), from Abbotsford Judo Club, in British Columbia. “It wasn’t easy today, because it was my second day fighting, so I was sore and tired,” she said. “I had a little more trouble getting into it at the beginning, but the level was about the same as yesterday, and it went better as the day went by.” It was a fifth participation at Nationals for the 17-year-old, but a first experience in the senior category. She’s planning on going home to rest and heal minor injuries before the Canada Cup in Montreal at the end of June. “I’m going to have to keep working hard in training, because winning doesn’t mean I’m perfect, and it doesn’t mean that they won’t win next time!”

Gabriel Juteau, from Club de judo Boucherville in Quebec, won the honours in the -73 kg category. This was a very satisfying medal, knowing that he switched from -66 kg to -73 kg this year. “I had won the gold medal in senior a few years ago, but in -66 kg. I was very happy to see I could still win in -73 kg,” he commented. “I started off a little slow, but it’s always like that, and the final was the fight I felt the best and the most confident.”

After two days in second place, the province of Quebec was finally able to catch up with Alberta and be first on the medal count once again. Their lead is slowly getting smaller, but for now, their crown is still intact.

Medals after day 3
Gold Silver Bronze Total
Quebec 20 20 33 73
Alberta 20 10 19 49
British Columbia 12 7 27 46
Ontario 8 12 17 37
Manitoba 1 4 3 8
Northwest Territories 1 1 1 3
Saskatchewan 0 3 4 7
New Brunswick 0 1 2 3
Prince Edward Island 0 1 1 2
Nova Scotia 0 1 1 2
Newfoundland and Labrador 0 0 1 1


Go to JUDOCANADA.TV to see the complete results of the tournament.

The Organizing Committee, a Well-Oiled Machine

Kelly Thornton, president of the Edmonton Organizing Committee, was very happy and proud to see the results of his team’s hard work over the last few days. While he was a member of the organizing committee in Calgary for the past 3 years, it was his first time as the president, and he feels lucky to be surrounded by such a fantastic team.

“Some members of the committee were also there for Calgary, so we were able to use all their feedback to improve the experience in Edmonton. The venue was great, the lighting allowed for some phenomenal pictures, the bleachers were close to the mats so the crowd could really see all the action. I’ve heard nothing but good comments from everyone during the weekend,” he said.

“The amount of work accomplished by the committee members and the volunteers is impressive. It’s a big event, and we always want to add new things to make it a little better than it was before. We had some core members from last year’s committee who also were here in Edmonton, especially Allan Sattin. He was the Chair in Calgary, and he was a great help to fix any issue we might have. We also had a really good working relationship with Judo Canada. They have been really busy working for the Montreal Grand Prix, but they were still available for us whenever we needed them, and they really stepped up to the plate when they got here.”

The Canadian Open Judo Championships will be in Edmonton for another two years, with the next edition being on May 14-17, 2020.


Written by Sarah Mailhot for Judo Canada

Patrick Esparbès
Chief Operating Officer
(514) 668-6279



Edmonton, May 18, 2019 – The U16 and U21 athletes were in action on the mats of the Butterdome at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, for the Canadian Open Judo Championships.

For Kelly Deguchi, it was a first competition experience in Canada. At 20 years old, Christa Deguchi’s younger sister decided to follow her footsteps and recently chose the Lethbridge Judo Club, in Alberta, as her new team. After seeing the support and success Christa has gotten from Judo Canada, Kelly was inspired to try it out for herself. Her first experience was a success, winning the gold medal in the U21 -57 kg category. “I was very nervous this morning, but I did my best, and I’m very happy. The Canadian girls are very quick and powerful, it was not an easy victory,” said the judoka who will fight again tomorrow in the senior category. “I’m happy with my decision to come here, and I’m hoping I can represent Canada in international tournaments with my sister in the future.”

Greta Goasdoue-Wallace (-63 kg), from Hiro’s Judo Club, in Calgary, stood on the highest step of the podium for the second day in a row. The 14-year old won a surprise gold medal on Friday in U18, and a second one in U16 today. Her first fight was won by ippon after a few seconds, setting the trend for the day. “I felt ready today, because I knew the girls I was up against. With the medal I won yesterday, I knew today would be a good day. Last year I fought in U16 and I won the silver medal, so it was great to come back and do even better this year!”

On the men’s side, in U16, Norbert Andras, 14, was undefeated in the -55 kg category for the second year in a row. “I was a little nervous this morning, but after the first fight, I thought ‘I got this,’ and I knew I’d be able to win a medal.” He will be fighting again next month at the Canada Cup, trying to defend another title he won last year.

Last but not least, Joel Demaere (-60 kg), from Lethbridge Judo Club in Alberta, was trying to win a first title in U21, having won a gold medal in U16 two years ago. “I had a really good weight cut before the tournament, so I felt strong and confident coming in. I felt really good, I was able to keep my nerves under control, so it really was a perfect day.”

Andras, Demaere, Goasdoue-Wallace and Deguchi

Manitoba’s Small but Mighty Team

The province of Manitoba decided to play it safe for this edition of the Canadian Open Judo Championships, only bringing the very best athletes to bring medals home. Airton Nakamura, one of Manitoba’s provincial coaches, was satisfied with his team’s performance. With only 10 athletes fighting today, they were able to win 1 gold and 3 silver medals.

“So far, so good! Our athletes are consistent, so the ones who were expected to medal did. The younger ones might need a little more experience, but that’s what they’re here for, and they’ll come back ready to win it next year,” he said. “We might try to involve them in more tournaments before Nationals next year, to make sure they have the experience and maturity to perform at a high level. We were able to maintain our performance level from last year, which was a good year for us. Most of our athletes fighting in senior tomorrow are actually U21, but we expect the same level of effort from them, and we have high hopes. They are a strong team, and they have the potential to win more medals.”


Medals after day 2
Gold Silver Bronze Total
Alberta 15 7 14 36
Quebec 13 17 28 58
British Columbia 10 4 18 32
Ontario 8 8 12 28
Manitoba 1 4 2 7
Northwest Territory 1 1 0 2
Saskatchewan 0 3 3 6
Prince Edward Island 0 1 1 2
New Brunswick 0 1 1 2
Nova Scotia 0 0 1 1
Newfoundland and Labrador 0 0 1 1


Tomorrow, the senior athletes will be under the spotlight for the last day of the event. Watch the live streaming and see live results at JUDOCANADA.TV.


Written by Sarah Mailhot for Judo Canada

Patrick Esparbès
Chief Operating Officer
(514) 668-6279

Team Alberta U18 & Veterans Find the Podium on Day 2 of Nationals

Team Alberta U18 & Veterans Find the Podium on Day 2 of Nationals

Edmonton, May 17, 2019 – The second day of the Canadian Open Judo Championships saw the U18 and Veteran athletes battle for more national titles today at the University of Alberta Butterdome. Alberta had an excellent day on the mats resulting in many podium appearances.

Congratulations to the following athletes for their outstanding performance today:


M1M2 -66Kg
Rashad Chin – Gold

M1M2 -81Kg
Kyle Crowell – Gold

M3 -81Kg
Marc Saint-Martin – Bronze

M3M5 -66 Kg
Erwan Goasdoue – Silver
Tim Takahashi – Bronze

Simon Tremblay – Silver

U18 Female:

Evelyn Beaton – Gold
Brynn Iwaasa – Silver

Ema Tesanovic – Gold

Kiera Westlake – Gold
Angie Grisales – Bronze

Greta Goasdoue-Wallace – Gold
Teyana Roberts – Silver
Emma Caldwell – Bronze

Caleb Demaere – Gold
Troy Gallant – Bronze

Douglas O’Brien – Silver

Brady Dixon – Bronze

Seth Nobert – Bronze

Brett Dudar – Bronze

After two days of competition Team Alberta currently has a combined 25 medals including 9 Gold, 6 Silver, 10 Bronze. The action will continue tomorrow morning starting with U16 and U21 at 9:00AM.



Edmonton, May 16, 2019 – Thursday was the first day of the Canadian Open Judo Championships at the Butterdome of the University of Alberta.

Okamura and Palmer

The competition started on Thursday morning with the kata tournament, with many of Canada’s best athletes under the spotlight, including Gord Okamura and Kelly Palmer, long-time partners and regular faces on the podium at the international level.

The duo decided that this year would be their last year competing on the circuit after 14 years together, and they’re making sure to leave on a high note. After winning a gold and a silver medal at the Pan-American Kata Championships in Peru just a few weeks ago, they are back with two gold medals in Edmonton in Katame No Kata and Kime No Kata.

“We are absolutely delighted with today’s results,” said Palmer. “We are qualified for the World Championships later this year, and we will enjoy every second of it, but there is no doubt in our minds that now is the right moment to retire, before our performance level starts to drop. We will keep training in judo, and I was asked to be a kata coach for other duos, which is something that I plan on doing. I might even compete again with other partners, but I don’t think I’ll be able to reach the same level I did with Gord.”

“We want to thank Judo Canada for their support over the years. They gave us so many great opportunities with kata clinics and tournaments, they were behind each medal that we have won,” he added.

Danielle Ferland and Aiko Lachaine, who also won a gold medal in Peru, were crowned again in Edmonton in Ju No Kata. Martin Vallières and Patrick Roffi won gold in Goshin Jutsu, and Bailey Hu and Shane Rooney triumphed in Nage No Kata.

Cheyenne Fiandor and Jeff Allen Ne Waza Grand Champions

The Ne Waza tournament took place on the mats at the Butterdome after katas. Cheyenne Fiandor and Jeff Allen, after winning in their respective categories, were back to win the overall champion titles.

Allen and Fiandor

It was a surprise win for Allen, from the Huntsville Judo Club, who didn’t know there would be an overall category until he won the title in +81 kg. “I wasn’t expecting it, but I guess it all worked out in the end!” he commented. “I’ve been fighting for about 8 years, and I first joined with my son just for fun, but I’ve been doing better and better each year, and it’s great to win the overall champion title now, I’m very happy with that.”

Because there were only 2 fighters in his category, Allen had to defeat Chris Hodgson twice to get through to the grand champion finale, where he also won against Brennan Jolley and Vincent Marticotte. Jeff Allen will be competing again in the tournament in +100 kg, first as a Veteran on Friday, then as a Senior on Sunday.

On the women’s side, the title was won by Cheyenne Fiandor (-63 kg) from the Nanaimo Judo Club. Fiandor had planned to fight alongside her sister during the weekend, but her sister couldn’t attend after breaking her leg just days before leaving for Edmonton. “I was nervous coming in, because I’ve missed trainings to be with her at the hospital. It was sad to know she wouldn’t be coming, but it gave me the motivation to win, I wanted to get that medal for her,” said Fiandor.

Cheyenne eliminated Sienna McCorkell in her category, then Jennifer Nguyen and Chelys Vallejo in the grand champion tournament. It was a first national title for her, after winning a few bronze medals in the past. “It had been a while since the last time I competed at Nationals, because I took a year off to go to school. It’s great to come back this year and see that I’m stronger than ever!” she added.

Written by Sarah Mailhot for Judo Canada

Patrick Esparbès
Chief Operating Officer
(514) 668-6279

2019 Canadian Open Judo Championships

2019 Canadian Open Judo Championships

The 2019 Canadian Open Judo Championships will take place on May 16-19, 2019 at the University of Alberta Universaide Pavilion (Butterdome). For more information please visit the tournament website

Technical Package_EN_2014Apr08




3801 – 23 AVENUE SOUTH






2019 Katsuta Kup

2019 Katsuta Kup

Katsuta Kup 2019
Technical Package Download

DATE:  SATURDAY, May 4, 2019

Raymond High School
65W 100 N, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0

TIME:  10:00 AM

Sat. May 4,   7:45 – 9:00 AM  High School
U8, U10, U12 use club entry form
All judokans  must register by 9:00 AM Sat. prior to the tournament.

$35 /contestant.
Contestants may compete in one Division only.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
Entry deadline is April 26, 2019.
Please send one club cheque or money order payable to RAYMOND JUDO CLUB

Mail Registrations to:

Gloria Gilmour
Box 988
Raymond, AB  T0K 2S0
Ph. 403 – 752 – 4463

Minimum belt rank is Yellow.
All competitors must show current registration.

2019 Rocky Mountain Invitational – Results

2019 Rocky Mountain Invitational – Results

Rocky Mountain 2019 Results

Judo Canada Fees for 2019-2020

Dear PTSO,

The board of Judo Canada has decided to amend for the upcoming season the fee plan that was presented to the AGM in September 2016 and reviewed in 2017. This revised fee plan will be valid until August 30, 2021.
For the upcoming season, a club fee of $100 will be introduced.

Important info: This fee will not be charged for clubs with 10 and more members as of October 15 of each season.
The goal is to encourage clubs to affiliate their members early in the season and benefit from the insurance coverage as the judokas make their first step on the tatami in the new season.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.

Nicolas Gill

Judo Canada Fees 2019-2020

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Judo Canada Fee Schedule

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