Judo Alberta Virtual Grading Notice

On October 9th and 10th, Judo Alberta conducted its first grading examinations since the COVID-19 pandemic, for black belt candidates. The virtual sessions were conducted via the Zoom platform. Except for some minor technical issues that were resolved during the sessions, all went very smoothly.

Congratulations to the following candidates at the October 9th session: Nidan – Jordan Landry (Kodokwai), Brandon Lieu (Kodokwai), Amin Moazeni (U of A). Shodan – Ivan Ho (Ishiyama), Yun Liang (Tolide).

Congratulations to the candidates at the October 10th session: Godan – An Hor Chhay (Ishiyama), Ray Teruya (Hiro’s).

The next virtual grading is set for October 24 in Calgary.